Tuesday, July 30, 2013

P is For...

Posting a few days early to squeeze in my last letter for July. XD I can't believe July is already practically over. Where the heck did the time go?! I know I keep saying that... but it's true!

All credits for this design goes to the wonderfully talented PackAPunchPolish. She's absolutely amazing. I love love LOVE her designs. She has an amazing eye for being inspired by everything and creates beautiful, hand painted designs that blows my mind. So, naturally, for my 'P' I wanted to re-create one of her designs. I picked a palm tree design (tutorial here) because not only did it start with a 'P', but the colors are amazing. I love the rainbow sunset in the background with the contrasting, dark palm tree in the foreground. I LOVE IT!

I'm not going to list all the polishes I used here because than this post will become crazy long, so if you're interested check the bottom of the post for my usual list. ;)

I did a few things a little differently than she did. While she used mostly acrylic paints for her sunset, I used nail polished thinned with nail polish thinner. You get pretty much the same effect, and I didn't have to go out and buy myself some light blue and pink acrylic paint, lol. Also, I'm out of studs at the moment so I opted to use metallic gold polish and a dotter instead. This worked out pretty well I think, considering I don't think I could have fit three studs on my tiny pinky. I also added a subtle sparkle... just to make it that much more magical!

I hope you liked the design I recreated for you. And another quick thanks to PackAPunchPolish. You're an inspiration!!  ^_^ Have a great day!
~Samantha Rae

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White: French White Creme by Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine
Light Blue: Aquamarine by Sinful Colors
Dark Blue: Mesmerized by Essie
Pink: Knockout Pink by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Yellow: Butterfly Stroke by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Shimmer: White Cap by China Glaze
Green: Mermaid's Tears by OPI
Black: Black Creme by Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine
Gold: Luxe by Orly

Black Acrylic Paint

*Polishes and plates purchased by me. The opinions above are my own and should be taken as such. 
I am not a professional.*

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