Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Happy Pumpkin and Ghost...

Happy 15 days until Halloween! XD Hope you're October has been filled with pumpkin patches and nightly walks to enjoy the fantastic decorations. I've been trying to cram as much Halloween festivities into my time off of work. Tonight, for instance, I'm going to a new jack-o-lantern exhibit called The Rise! It's gonna be so much fun!!!

To celebrate all the awesome decorations, I decided to paint my nails inspired by one of my favorite decorations that I have!

He's an old-fashioned blowmold! These are my favorite kinds of decorations, even though they are a pain in the butt to store the rest of the year. We've had this guy for as long as I can remember. So at least since the early 90's. He's a big guy, about 3 feet tall or so. And he lights up!