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My name is Samantha Rae, I am 26 years old, and I live in California, USA. I am also obsessed with nail polish. There. I've said it, lol. I started painting my nails in my teens but didn't get into nail art until later. And after some deliberation I'm finally ready to share my art with the blogging world!

To help you get to know me a little better, I decided to compile a list of 15 random facts about... me! They are in no particular order, by the way.

1. I’m a huge Disney geek. I’m lucky my family is so accepting because I can go crazy on this topic. Movies, animation, theme parks, media… I can’t get enough. It’s a good thing I live within driving distance to Disneyland.   

2. I don’t follow polish trends or seasons. I wear what I like, when I like. But that doesn’t mean I don’t follow holidays. XD

3. I have a DeviantART account! Yep. Before I started my blog, I posted all my nailart on my DeviantArt account: Cowboy-Slightly. I'm still updating there along side my blog!

4. I can solve the Rubix cube! Not in record time or anything, but I can do it! My record is approximately 2 min 30 sec. I actually carry one in my purse every day for when I'm bored. People always watch a girl with a rubix. XD I'm also really good at Tetris.

5. I have an identical twin. I’m older by a minute but she’s 3 inches taller so what can I do? I also have another younger sister who doesn’t help my nail polish addiction as she's almost as crazy as me. ;)

6. I can’t resist pink polish. I just can’t. Call me safe and old-fashioned, but I love me some pink fingernails and toes. My polish collection is probably 40% pink. I can never have enough!

7. I used to bite my nails. Yuck, right? I quit the habit in 2004 just before my senior year of High School. I don't even remember why I stopped, other than I was sick of my fingers hurting.

8. My nail polish obsession started in October of 2011. I had a little accident with some food dye and ended up staining my nails beyond repair. I decided to cover them with polish until they grew out and I quickly grew tired of the 15 polishes I had. I thought they were plain and boring, so I jumped onto YouTube and started subscribing to as many nail art gurus as I could find. I learned about nail art; dotting tools, tiny paint brushes, acrylic paint, konad stamping, water marbling. That was when I discovered that my nails didn’t have to be boring if I didn’t want them to be! And my nails were never the same again.

9. I love Broadway musicals. I watch the Tony Awards every year just to see the musical performances. I try to keep myself as up to date as possible on what shows are coming out. I grab every soundtrack I can, which is why my ipod is 85% musicals. I’m a little obsessed.

10. I love Christmas. I plan all year for December 25th. I even celebrate Christmas In July. And Christmas music never leaved my ipod. 

11. I'm cheap and proud of it. No, not that kind of cheap! I love coupons, deals and clearance items. Paying full price for polish kills me. Which is why eBay and clearance stickers are my best friends.

12. I'm left handed. Which is why you mostly see my right hand in pictures.

13. I love animals. If it's fuzzy, fluffy, and has a wet nose, I will love it! There is nothing better than having furry friends. Sometimes I think they make better companions than people. 

14. I'm a nostalgic 90's kid. I believe the 1990's was the best time to be a kid. If it was on the Disney Channel, One Saturday Morning, Nickeloden, ABC/Fox Family, or Cartoon Network in the 90's most likely I watched it. I love talking about Rugrats, Hocus Pocus, and Are You Afraid of The Dark?. I still want to be Dorothy Jane Torkleson or Clarissa Darling. Eric Matthews stole my heart and still hasn't given it back. I miss Vault Disney with a passion. I reference 90s kids shows almost as much as Disney movies (which is A LOT). Oh, if anyone remembers Fox's Peter Pan and The Pirates email me right now!!!

15. My nail art means a lot to me. It is a way for me to express myself and boost my confidence. I have (sadly) a large amount of social anxiety that keeps me from doing things. And painting my nails helps me deal with my anxiety, giving me something to focus on as well giving my nerves a break through meditation. When I do nail art, I focus on my nails, the paint, and my inspiration.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try something new and challenging. You never know, you may be good at it.

~Samantha Rae

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  1. I can relate with you I got pregnant at a 18 became a stay at home mom I gained weight and got social phobia nail polish is my medication lol my daughter loves painting me and my husbands nails for a toddler she's good at it lol but my nails boosts my confidence as well.