Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pink and Gold Studs

Today, I have a special manicure to share with you. :) It's the manicure I was wearing when I was offered my job a few weeks ago. Plus, it's my first mani with my new nail obsession: metallic studs. Unfortunately, I used all the studs I have on this design! So I'm out until I receive my new ones in the mail. And they're taking their sweet time getting here, lol.

I started with my pink, Sugar High by China Glaze (one of my all-time favorite pinks) on my thumb, index and pinky fingers. The gold I used on my middle and ring fingers was Passion by China Glaze and I topped them with a layer or two of  Everyday Is My Birthday by Kleancolor. I added gold studs to my pinky and index fingers to incorporate even more gold and add a little something extra to a somewhat plain design.

I love my pink and gold color combos. Something about it just screams "GIRLY" to me. And for some reason I really like having girly designs on my nails. Even as I type I have pink and gold on my nails. It's an easy, yet sophisticated look that let's me express my girly side without painting kitties, flowers and rainbows, lol. 

Like I said above, I'm loving my metallic studs. I can't wait to get more and incorporate them into my designs. I've been itching to do my usual floral designs with gold or silver studs. But I'll have to wait... and heaven help you guys when they do get here. You're gonna be sick of them. ;)
Well, I hope you all enjoy my design. ^_^ It's simple, but really elegant. I love it. And now with all that said, I have to go get ready to go to work. Today is my first day of training. I'm nervous, yet excited! Wish me luck!
~Samantha Rae


Sugar High by China Glaze
Passion by China Glaze
Everyday Is My Birthday by Kleancolor

Gold Round Studs

*Polishes purchased by me. The opinions above are my own and should be taken as such. I am not a professional.*

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