Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mani for my first day of work!

Hey everyone! What a week I've had. Getting adjusted at my new job, learning the ropes, and working hard sure has made me tired. But I'm having fun and enjoying myself so that's all that matters, right?

Today I have a very special design for you all today. This was mani I had on for my first day of work! Now, I'm not going to tell you where I work (I gotta keep somethings private) but if you live here in the states I'm sure you recognize the logo on my accent nail. The company colors are red and white, obviously.

 People at work got a real kick out of my nails. XD I'm really glad they did. And the glitter is showing up a little too 'macro', if you get what I mean. IRL they were more of a glittery red shimmer over the nail that just sparkled in the light! I really like them and I'm sure I'll be doing this design again in the future.

Sorry for the short post but I have to get to work shortly. XD I just wanted to jump in here, share my special design, and get on my way. I really hope you enjoy!

~Samantha Rae


Thrill of Brazil by OPI
Gettin' Miss Piggy With It by OPI
French White Creme by Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine
Rapid Red by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Stamping: CH48 (Cheeky 2012 Summer Collection)

*Polishes purchased by me. The opinions above are my own and should be taken as such. I am not a professional.*

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