Monday, May 13, 2013

Request: Delta Airline

Yet another request from Ani. If you want to see her other request, check it out here! :) This time she asked me to do a manicure based on the Delta Airlines logo!

As far as the design goes, I decided to have the accent nail be the logo.  It makes the logo design special and let the manicure be a little less repetitive with tiny triangles. Plus, it took me an hour to get one logo right, lol. For the other nails I decided to do some 1960's color blocking. Because for some reason when I think of airlines and planes I think of the 60's. Maybe it's because I'm old-fashioned or that I've never been on a plane before. (Shocker, right?)

I used the tape method to do the logo as well as the stripes. Until I get my own tutorial up, let me refer you to The Nailasaurus's tutorial on how to use tape on your nails. She's amazing, let me tell you. If you don't already follow her, please do! You're missing out.

I started with my standard white base, French White Creme by Wet N' Wild Wild Shine. Then I applied my tape and started painting! The red I used was Big Apple Red by OPI and the blue was Mesmerize by Essie. I think these colors matched the logo perfectly. And who doesn't like red, white and blue? It's one of my favorite color combos!

Again, all my thanks goes out to Ani. I hope she, and everyone else, loves this mani as much as I do. :) Enjoy! 
~Samantha Rae


White: French White Creme by Wet N' Wild Wild Shine
Red: Big Apple Red by OPI
Blue: Mesmerize by Essie

*Polishes purchased by me. The opinions above are my own and should be taken as such. I am not a professional.*

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