Thursday, June 19, 2014

#Disneyside Event!!!!

I know, I know. I'm finally showing my face around here after nearly a month long unannounced hiatus.  I have no real reason for my time off other than I just got lazy. Somehow that's possible, lol. But I'm back with a story and some nails to match!

Let me set the scene. WAAYYY back in February Disney announced an event taking place at the Disney parks where both Disneyland and Walt Disney World would be open for 24 hours. "Rock Your Disney Side Party" took place on May 23 from 6am to 6am on the 24th and for once they actually encouraged you to show up in costume! I was all over it and knew immediately I wanted to go. And after a surprisingly short time I came up with an idea for my sister and I.

Yes. We pulled out characters no one under the age of 20 would know. And It was awesome! Chip and Dale from The Rescue Rangers. I was Dale (on the right) and my sister Rachel was Chip (on the left). Not many people recognized us (not much of a surprise to us) but the people who did knowwho we were got a big kick out of our costumes. People even wanted to take pictures with us!

We were at Disneyland from around 1pm to close to 10pm. By the time 9pm rolled around the park got really crowded. Really, REALLY crowded. So we bailed. But it was so much fun. If you ever get a chance to go to an event at any of the Disney parks I highly suggest you go. And wear some Mickey Ears!

Okay, okay. Onto the nails...

Dale from The Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is loosely based on Tom Sellek's Character from Magnum PI, so he wears a red Hawaiian shirt with large yellow flowers. I knew I had to replicate this design on my nails.

It's a simple design, not much to it, but it was fun to do and very much the character. I started with a red base and used slightly watered down yellow acrylic paint for the flowers. The trick was to make them look blocky, so I spent a good amount of time trying to keep the petals square. I think they turned out really good, if you ask me. ;)

Thanks for stopping and sticking through the dead time. ;) I appreciate it. And although I've been gone, I haven't stopped doing nail art so I do have a great selection of back-stocked designs to share. XD Yay!

~Samantha Rae


The Thrill Of Brazil by OPI
Yellow Acrylic Paint

*Polishes purchased by me. The opinions above are my own and should be taken as such. I am not a professional.*

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